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Anti-Dhimmitudinal Activism

A commenter left the following at my blog article "Did You Know?" This list is not exhaustive, but it's a start. I'd like all anti-dhimmituders to think about my proposal at the end of the quoted comment, which is in blocked-quotation format below, the only edits being enabled links:

Houghton Mifflin publishes the school texts in question - a specific instance can be read at Daniel Pipes weblog - here

And further discussion about that particular school district's issues were followed with intensity at a blog called "the tears of things" here

The subversion of our children's education through manipulative and deceptive texts must be tackled once and for all.

As for CAIR . . .I visited their website today and noticed that there is a provision on their homepage for 'adopting a library'. This action must be countered with a similar 'adopt a library' program , by providing each of our library's a stack of books by Robert Spencer, Ibn Warraq, Bat Ye'or, as well as some of the many books recommended by Hugh Fitzgerald - such as:

The Koran Its Composition and Teaching and the Testimony It Bears to the Holy Scriptures
Author: Sir William Muir
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1417948736
Publish Date: 9/1/2004
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing

Mohammed - D.S. Margoliouth
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-83050-0448
February 1983
Publisher: Gibson Pr

Relations Between Arabs and Israelis Prior to the Rise of Islam - D.S. Margoliouth (Paperback, 1921)
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0-31715-7728
June 1921

Mohammedanism - Christian S. Hurgronje (Hardcover, Reprint, 1981)
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-83050-0383
June 1981
Publisher: Gibson Pr

Mekka in the Latter Part of the 19th Century - C. Snouck Hurgronje (Hardcover, 1997)
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9-00402-0667
August 1997
Publisher: Brill Academic Pub

The Legacy of Islam - Joseph Schacht (Hardcover, 1975)
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 019821913X
January 1975
Publisher: Oxford Univ Pr

Mohammed and the Rise of Islam - David S. Margoliouth (Paperback, 2003)
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 193195674X
October 2003
Publisher: Ams Pr

Islam and the Psychology of the Musulman. Translated By A. S. Moss-Blundell. With a Preface By Louis Bertrand
Servier, Andre

And if we can find a way to get this translated into a new publication:
Les Arabes et les Berberes w/ subtitle: La Berberie est un pays europeen
Antoine Fattal
Le Statut Legal de Musulmans en Pays' d'Islam
Beirut, 1958.

The author of the e-letter "Did You Know?" has been concerned that our communications and efforts amount to nothing more "preaching to the choir." I, however, have always felt that catharisis is an important undertaking for maintaining my sanity, and the blogosphere affords me that opportunity.

But what about another opportunity? Can we infidels of all persuasions organize a book-donation program? Can we some of us infidels adopt a library, similar to what CAIR does?

Those of us who "get it" are providing valuable moral support to one another. And I love blogging! I would like to reach more people, however. I think that the adopt-a-library program might be one avenue which we can pursue. And donations to institutions such as libraries are tax deductible, too!

I've already reserved a blog site, specifically for the purpose of listing the above materials and other materials as well. This blog site could be a valuable clearing-house for such a book-donation project. But I can't organize and maintain this project all by myself.

Readers, input please!


At 8/09/2005 1:19 PM, Blogger G_in_AL said...

Well, I have about zero experiance in this area, but it would seem to me the first thing needed is a buisness model of sorts to effectivly state what requirements are needed (staff, logistics, supplies, financial). At that point, you know what minimum requirements have to be met to make it happen. Then you send proposals/ask for volunteers to see if you can get the required minimum support for the endevor. Until you have a quntitative measure of what you need, no one can really give you a sure bet of support.

"Let me know if I can Help" is great sounding, but unless they know what may be expected of them, niether of you know how much "Help" you will get.

Am I full of it?

At 8/09/2005 4:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

G's offers sound advice.

Initially, when I posted that list of books, it was with the hope that individuals would consider adopting their own local library and donate books that weren't already on the shelf. Personally, I checked my library and they only had one of the books listed (none of Spencers, Warraq's or Bat Ye'or's. . .harumph!!!). From my standpoint, there is a lot of work to be done.

AOW is suggesting a far more ambitious and well organized effort and I admire his (her) ambition. I don't have any expertise to offer but . . .

Robert Spencer happened to mention the following organization at JW/DW - at least twice over the last two weeks.
Try contacting the organizers of the United American Committee to see if an
"ADOPT A LIBRARY" program might fit their agenda as well.

At 8/09/2005 4:36 PM, Blogger Always On Watch said...

Well, your are right if the project I've proposed is organized from A to Z and organized according to a business model.

I have a public library at which I am recognized on sight. Perhaps others have a similar experience. If one has a good relationship with a particular library-branch, donating and placing truth-telling books might be easier than using an organization. Or, maybe not.

Just a few minutes ago, I accessed my library system's site and noticed that Robert Spencer's latest book "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam" is not in my library system, nor is the book on order. Many of Spencer's other books are in the system, however. So I believe that I could successfully place the book within the system.

Let me be clear. I myself am going to find a way to place books in the public library, in my alma mater university, in private schools with which I have contact. And I think that other anti-dhimmituders could do the same. If we infidels somehow organized, even loosely without proper business status (at least, at first), more impact might be made. Certainly, individuals can take Anonymous's advice and follow his/her model as stated above. I still feel that a web site which lists the books, possibly with brief reviews so that donators can contribute books which are consistent with their faith or non-faith beliefs, would be useful. Perhaps such a site already exists, and I don't know about it.

And if no such site already exists, perhaps someone out there in the blogosphere has the experience and the connections to launch a project such as I've proposed.

PS: Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you posted your thoughts--and I mean that. Input is the point here, right?

At 8/09/2005 4:49 PM, Blogger Always On Watch said...

I'm not usually such an ambitious type, but I'm very concerned that CAIR has access to our public libraries; I am concerned that views contrary to those of CAIR are not represented. CAIR is clearly a pr organization and usually does a great job in that regard.

"My" library system contains books by Spencer, Warraq, Pipes, Trifkovic, etc. But "my" library system is one of the largest in the United States and is very inclusive. Other systems may have more constraints of budget. Your comment above ("[T]here is a lot of work to be done") rings true to me. Individuals can take donation steps with or without the link you mentioned above. I will, of course, go to that link and look over the possibilities.

The main thing, I believe, is not to sit on our hands. Act organizationally or independently to provide libraries with more reading materials.

In my comment to G (in case you missed it), I said, "I still feel that a web site which lists the books, possibly with brief reviews so that donators can contribute books which are consistent with their faith or non-faith beliefs, would be useful."

Your thoughts on that? I've seen complaints on JW/DW about the negative review of Spencer's latest.

At 8/09/2005 5:05 PM, Blogger Always On Watch said...

I wasted no time and visited the site which you recommended

I have sent an email to see if that organization already has an interest or already has a similar project.

I continue to advocate that individuals adopt a library.

The day after tomorrow, I'm placing my Amazon order for multiple copies of Robert Spencer's latest book, which is getting some publicity right now because of its recent release.

At 8/09/2005 10:08 PM, Blogger G_in_AL said...

just FYI AOW, I didnt think you wanted to really go all the way to starting your own orginization for this. The buisness model thing was just so that you could define what your desired end result would be from any activities, then try and figure out exactly what would need to take place to meet your end goal.

I am not quite as learned as you (and some of your readers). Just Joe Citizen here, with the occasional moment of inspired thought. :)

At 8/09/2005 11:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Certainly, providing a comprehensive list of suggested books/authors is a start. Trifkovic, Pipes, Margoliouth, Timmerman, Emerson etc. should all be added to that list, and I'm sure there are other authors/titles others will recommend as well.

Perhaps the book list can be placed on a separate static website (sans comments). Keeping the book list web site free of comments limits the time commitment of any one individual.

The site would provide a mission statement, links to US library websites & the book list (each with summary descriptions). Note that some books recommended by Hugh Fitzgerald are out of print, but are sometimes available through auction or through used book sources. For that reason, it may be a good idea to offer a variety of links for purchasing books.

In addtion, offer a list of web links and encourage participation in the comments section of sites like AOW, JW/DW, Daniel Pipes etc.

Providing one site that simply directs curious individuals to explore the information and offer suggestions on how any individual can participate without obligations . . . such as registration . . .or requesting donations to a website . . . may help create a groundswell of average joes/janes spreading the word.

BTW . . .thanks for offering this blog for this topic!

At 8/09/2005 11:19 PM, Blogger The Exile said...

Forget all the rest of them. Just put the complete works of Ann Coulter on the shelves.

Odd that I haven't run across you before. I thought I knew all of the "Right-wing extremist" blogs out there (i.e. anything to the right of Karl Marx).

I would like to reach more people, however.

Consider yourself added to the "Right-Wing Extremist Blogroll".

Making intelligent, interesting comments on blogs is definitely one way to reach more people.

Though you may feel that you're preaching to the choir, a lot of people other than Conservatives read your comments, too. And they, like me, will come to your blog. And then they will link to you and you will gain more readers.

Quite frankly, I believe that you'll reach more people here than putting 1,000 copies of "Slander" on a library shelf to collect dust. People who are motivated by politics enough will actually buy the books, as I can attest. I need to build another bookshelf. Very soon.

I will put you on my blogroll as soon as I get a chance. That's how the word gets spread.

At 8/09/2005 11:29 PM, Blogger The Exile said...

P.S. Let the Islamists put their stuff in libraries. Just as they're stuck in the 7th century, libraries, too, are becoming obsolete.

Don't get me wrong: I love books. I own about 1000 of them and I'm reading 3 different ones right now.

But I don't have a library card. The political books that are in the library are all obsolete by the time they hit the shelves.

At 8/09/2005 11:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a link to finding local library websites:


Use this link to locate American university websites and follow to university library links.


At 8/10/2005 1:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many libraries will allow you to make a request for a book that they do not stock, and after determining it would be of interest to the patrons, the libray will procure the book, out of their owns funds, based on your request.

In many cases they will notify you of their determination with a followup letter.

At 8/10/2005 6:48 AM, Blogger Always On Watch said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. Such encouraging words! You probably didn't "know about" me because I haven't been blogging for very long.

Even though I live in a liberal area, we have a strong conservative base here. In fact, all of Coulter's books are in my library system! And that includes both print and audio versions.

Which of Coulter's books has that list about young Muslims being terrorists? That book will go on the list!

Yes, books on library shelves often collect dust. But after 9/11, here (near the Pentagon) readers thronged the library to look for materials. Some, like me, previewed books at the library and then bought the best of them.

Also, CAIR put a poster in my library, a poster which read "Know Islam." I raised a fit, and down came the poster. I don't want chldren brainwashed! That's the teacher in me

CAIR is very active in this region, and their insidious influence needs countering. I've fired off many, many letters about CAIR's attempts to control WMAL Radio. There are several articles about that story on this blog site.

Don't misunderstand...I'm going to continue blogging. As you pointed out, people read blogs.

At 8/10/2005 6:55 AM, Blogger Always On Watch said...

Thank you for the links--and for the suggestions. I had already decided that the site should not be comments-enabled.

Yes, libraries will sometimes pay for requested books, especially if there are not in the system many copies by an author already in the system.

University libraries are as important as the public ones. Smaller colleges are often receptive to donations.

Considering that many textbooks whitewash Islam, I also believe that placing books in schools is very important.

At 8/10/2005 7:06 AM, Blogger Always On Watch said...

Comments from "Joe Citizen" are the heart of blogging. And I visit your site with some frequency. You more than "the occasional moment of inspired thought." You are correct to remember the business model. Having been instrumental in establishing a private school, I am aware of the model. Thank you for reminding me that the model also applies here!

And "Anonymous" (more than one?) is providing excellent info and suggestions.

You are correct: I cannot run an organization. But maybe I can be instrumental in helping to ORGANIZE one! And if an already existing organization steps forward, it can run with the ball, though I doubt that I would ever drop the ball--so to speak.

At 8/10/2005 9:04 AM, Blogger G_in_AL said...

I just started blogging about two weeks ago AOW. Mainly becuase my wife got sick of hearing me rant to her, so this seemed like an obvious outlet. So far it has been a very good outlet for me. I wish I could (as we all do) get more readership, but I think I have some folks that stop by (besides you, LA, and H). I put a hit counter on there for fun to see what kind of traffic I was getting, and its moving ok.

I am amazed at how many truely educated people are out here posting things. I am even more amazed how many uneducated people are reading things, and immediately dismissing them though.

Oh well, no one ever said it would be easy.

And btw, I think it would be valid to add some books that try to bring a message of "Understand Christianity" to best counter "Understand Islam".

If given an option, the wayward person looking for some faith should find it a bit more inviting. The faith of our country has really slipped in past decade. Islam is trying to fill that void.

At 8/10/2005 4:44 PM, Blogger Cubed © said...

It seems that everyone thinks it would be a good idea to try to get more material out there to counter the whitewash job that CAIR etc. are doing--the old "da'wa" thing.

It isn't a bad idea to begin with the small, individual, independent efforts. If each of us gave (or asked our neighborhood library to order) a book or two, and whatever school libraries you may have an "in" with, and your alma mater, that's a good start.

I have also heard of a (volunteer private) program--wish I could remember the name--where people would leave copies of books in public places to be read by anyone who might find it interesting. Each copy had a note inside asking the person to read it and when finished, to leave it, with the note, so that someone else could read it. It was apparently very successful, but maybe the "controversial" nature of educational books about Islam might limit the number of people with access to it. So maybe that wouldn't work.

Another idea was put up by Hugh and others on Jihadwatch. That was to print off some brightly colored business or postcard sized cards with informative web and blog addresses on them, along with a short sentence explaining what they were about. These can be left at bus stops, on bus/taxi seats, counters, etc. etc. It would be a good way to spread some book titles around, too.

Anyway, just remember that some of the world's biggest businesses had their beginnings in someone's garage (Apple Computers comes to mind); Mrs. Field's cookies literally started when she couldn't get a loan and she stood outside office buildings handing out samples, etc. etc.

So, if each of us did something independently, we could report our successes and failures to each other, and maybe eventually something bigger and better could come of it.

Personally, I've always favored the start small approach, because you can work out the kinks early, before they bring down the whole effort.

At 8/10/2005 7:05 PM, Blogger Always On Watch said...

I agree with your last sentence, though others who "get it" about Islam may not see things the same way. And that's okay with me! Anyone who "gets it" is my ally.

Those who come from secular orientation should be able to see what Islamism is. Oriana Fallaci is a case in point.

BTW, some time back, "my" library put up a CAIR-sponsored poster. I objected by pointing out that I saw no "Understand Christianity" poster and mentioned the county's policy of nonsectarianism. Down came the Islam poster. I think that the Sikkh fellow on the circulation desk appreciated my outspokenness. The lefty lady on the desk didn't, of course.

Another time, on short notice to the library, I wanted to use a conference room to meet with some students, who were affiliated with a large church in this area. I was denied! Out of my mouth popped this: "If I were meeting with the Muslim Student Council, you'd let me have the room." I got the room!

One has to be proactive, I think.

PS: I know what you mean by using blogging as an outlet. My husband also was getting frustrated with my rantings, though, to be fair, he does "get it." But now he's frustrated because I'm online so much of the time. At least this laptop is in the family room. But my housekeeping has become a sad affair.

PPS: As to readership, I do have a small following of high-school students, and some friends and relatives as well. They usually do not post comments, and that's okay too.

At 8/10/2005 11:36 PM, Blogger Esther said...

I know what you mean by using blogging as an outlet. My husband also was getting frustrated with my rantings, though, to be fair, he does "get it." But now he's frustrated because I'm online so much of the time. At least this laptop is in the family room. But my housekeeping has become a sad affair

My goodness -- did I write this?!? I sure could have. :)

You are doing an AWESOME job, AOW!!! Wow. Such great ideas, such passion.... way to go!

At 8/11/2005 12:43 AM, Blogger John Sobieski said...

One thing I have done is provide my library with requests for books to purchase - there is usually a form. A committee has final say, but when I spoke to the head librarian, she was interested and accepted my 10 request forms. She said they couldn't buy all of them, but would probaby buy 2 or 3. I marked the 3 I deemed I wanted them to give highest priority. Didn't cost anything to do that other than a few minutes of your time.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience.

At 8/11/2005 9:12 AM, Blogger Always On Watch said...

Well, you know me. Once I get ahold of something, I worry it to death. My former employer used to tell me, "You're like a dog with a bone." True enough, I suppose.

Early this morning, I placed my Amazon order for mulitple copies of Robert Spencer's books "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam" and "The Myth of Islamic Tolerance." Once the books arrive, off I go to take on my library system--which does not have those books, nor are those books on order.

"I'm on fire," as Springsteen says in his recording of that title, but on fire about a different subject--Islamism and CAIR's covert connections to Islamism.

At 8/11/2005 9:18 AM, Blogger Always On Watch said...

Exposing the Axis,
Thank you for stopping by and for your excellent comment. If you have a blog of your own, would you post the link here in my comments section?

This morning, I checked my library system's web site and determined that two of Spencer's books are not already in the system, even though his earlier books are. As soon as my book orders arrives, I'm going to try to place one copy of Spencer's "Guide" and one copy of "Myth" at my local branch (where I'm already known as a frequent patron) and then monitor the library's web site to see what happens; I'm curious to see if the system will place the books on the shelves. If I'm successful in my first effort--or even if I'm not--I'll also try your method.


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