Friday, September 29, 2006

Why I'm So Quiet Lately

1. Classes have resumed. My time for blogging is more limited.

2. My mother-in-law, who has Alzheimer's, was paying a visit. She needed a watchful eye. She left yesterday morning, but I now have other matters to catch up on.

3. I'm going to multiple medical appointments as I pursue a definitive diagnosis for my back injury. At the moment, I have to put up with physical suffering as medications have been withdrawn to conduct various diagnostics.

I'm still here, however, posting, reading all comments, and making blog rounds when I can.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Where's The Apology?

(All emphases by Always On Watch)

From 712 until 1492 (when La Reconquista, the centuries-long process of reclaiming the Iberian Peninsula as Christian territory, was completed), much of Spain was under the boot of the Moors, Muslim tribes from northern Africa. The invasion commenced in 711 and consisted of a combined force of Africans, Berbers, and Arabs landing at Gibraltar and moving northward; these combined forces are commonly referred to as the Moors. By 714, the name of Hispania had been changed to Al-Andalus, a name which reflects that this particular geographical area was a part of the Caliphate.

This period of history was the Age of Feudalism, lacking in central government and effective military defense. Beginning with Agila's surrender of his lands in 712, the fiefdoms of the Iberian Peninsula surrendered one by one until the northward-moving Moorish forces had subdued all of Hispania. The Moors continued their expansion into France until they were defeated by Eudes of Aquitaine (near Toulouse in 721) and Charles Martel (the Battle of Tours in 732). The Frankish military-defeats of the Moors and the natural barrier of the Pyrenees Mountains, the passes of which were fortified under Charlemagne, thus confined the Moors to the Iberian Peninsula, where the Muslim tribes established an Emirate originally subordinate to the Caliph in Damascus. Because of the large distance from the Damascene Caliph, Muslim rule in Spain was more or less an independent and isolated governance, yet in keeping with the oppression of Christians and Jews according to the Code of Umar.

Muslims are presently demanding an apology from the Pope. As Jose Maria Aznar, the former prime minister of Spain, has pointed out, in this article dated September 23, 2006, no Muslim apology is forthcoming with regard to the Muslim rule of Spain:

"Bush and his war on terror, said the West is under attack from radical Islam and must defend itself. 'It is them or it is us,' Aznar said. 'There is no middle ground.'

"Muslims should apologize for occupying Spain for 800 years and a U.N.-backed program to encourage dialogue between them and West is stupid, former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar has said. Aznar made his comments Friday night in a speech at the Hudson Institute, a thinktank in Washington, D.C., as he discussed Pope Benedict XVI's recent remarks on Islam and violence. Aznar, a firm ally of U.S. President George W. Bush and his war on terror, said the West is under attack from radical Islam and must defend itself. 'It is them or it is us,' Aznar said. 'There is no middle ground.' He did not elaborate. Aznar said he found it surprising that Muslims have demanded an apology from the pope over his Sept. 12 remarks.

"Aznar noted the nearly 800-year Moorish occupation of Spain that began in the year 711 with an invasion from North Africa. He said Muslims had never apologized for this but still demand apologies whenever they feel offended by remarks by non-Muslims. 'It's absurd,' Aznar said.

"He also criticized an initiative launched last year by his Socialist successor, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, to encourage dialogue between the West and Muslim countries."
In at least one of his videotaped speeches, Osama bin Laden referred to "the Andalusan atrocity," meaning the success of La Reconquista in re-establishing Christian rule on the Iberian Peninsula. Why the mention of events which occurred centuries ago? For one thing, Arabic does not have a past tense in the sense we understand it: what's over is not over and done with. For another, according to Islamic beliefs, once a territory has been claimed for Allah, that territory must forever remain Muslim. Should Muslim rule be overthrown, as was the case in Spain, it is the duty of Muslims to reclaim that territory for Allah.

Now, toward the beginning of Ramadan, the Pope has met with Muslims to discuss their offended sensitivities and has asked for reciprocity with regard to religious tolerance? What was the outcome of a previous similar meeting many centuries ago? Agila, the first Iberian Visigoth to surrender to the Moors, found dialogue ineffective, even after his uncle's previous alliance with the Moors:
"Agila's uncle, Oppas, bishop of Toledo, solicited the aid of the Moslems of Morocco against Roderic and it was this which led to the conquest of the peninsula in 711. When Roderic died in battle against the Moors, Agila was probably crowned in Toledo.

"In 712, he [Agila] travelled to Toledo to meet the Moslem leader, Tariq ibn Ziyad. He received no mercy for his conquered subjects and lands."
Granted, the Pope's meeting with Muslim leaders has not come about because of a military defeat. But there are other kinds of defeat as well, including ideological defeat. Ideological defeats are often a matter of subtle perceptions. From such perceptions, beliefs and ideological movements grow stronger or weaker. Western civilization is, once again, at the crossroads of two opposing ideologies.

[Hat-tip to Gravelrash of Democracy Frontline for alerting me to the above article about Jose Maria Aznar]

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Friday, September 22, 2006

"From the House of Family Jihad"

Avenging Apostate, who posts as a member of the team at Pedestrian Infidel, recently wrote an article which deserves a careful reading. Excerpt:
"I knew all along that the decision that I have made—converting to Christianity from Islam—would have undesirable consequences. I knew the path I chose wasn’t a walk in the park. But I guess I, somehow, managed to deny this truth for quite awhile. Somewhere in my mind, I thought I was living in a perfect world, that somehow (however illogical it might sound to those who know about my situation) it was all going to be alright.

"Recently, I found out how wrong I really was. I had my fears realized and that realization for me has been earth-shaking and profound. The world has taken on different, frightening dimensions, and I don’t think it will ever be the same...."

For earlier articles by Avenging Apostate, CLICK HERE. Now, do you still believe the refrain of various Muslim spokespersons when they say, "There is no compulsion in religion"? Or, what about this from CAIR: "understanding and coming to appreciate the universal teachings of Islam"?

Note: Another of Avenging Apostate's recent articles, "Mum's the Word," is HERE.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Texas Roadhouse

On May 8, 2006, Detective Vicki Armel, 40, and Police Officer Michael Garbino, 53, were slain outside the Sully District Police Station in Chantilly, Virginia. The gunman, who also perished when officers returned fire, was Michael Kennedy; he fired more than seventy rounds from a wooded area near the station's parking lot. As details about Michael Kennedy emerged, residents here learned that Kennedy was mentally ill and that his parents had been attempting to get help for their son. On May 12, 2006, the Washington Times printed this article, a portion of which is excerpted below:
"Local police and mental health officials said yesterday that they had no authority to return to a Rockville psychiatric facility last month an 18-year-old escapee who earlier this week ambushed Fairfax County police officers in Chantilly.

"'In the state of Virginia, if someone voluntarily checks themselves into a mental health facility and leaves, they are able to leave, [unless] there is a detention order,' said Officer Beth Underhill, a spokeswoman for Fairfax County police. 'If you leave, police cannot pick you up.'...

"Michael William Kennedy, 18, of Centreville, was voluntarily admitted to Potomac Ridge Behavioral Health Center in Rockville at about 1 p.m. April 18. Center officials said that the door to his room had no lock, but that he was staying in a unit block that was secured.

"About seven hours after he had checked in, Kennedy broke a window [and] left the facility....

"Kennedy's friends and neighbors have said he had exhibited bizarre behavior, such as calling himself Jesus Christ and talking about invasions by zombies. Documents seized from Kennedy's home after the Monday afternoon ambush show that he had received treatment for mental health issues...."
For a few weeks following the officers' and Kennedy's deaths, various people weighed in as to what might have been done to prevent the terrible events of May 8. But after a short time, as do many news stories of this kind, the story faded.

This past week, The Texas Roadhouse, quite near the police station, made the front page of the local-news section of the September 12, 2006 Washington Post in an article entitled "It's Enough to Make Your Stomach Turn":
"Two Fairfax County officers lay mortally wounded in the parking lot of their Sully District police station. At the height of the crisis, anxious police cordoned off streets, closing down some businesses. The Texas Roadhouse restaurant just down the road had to shut its doors for a few hours that day in May and again on the next two Saturdays, when large crowds came out to honor the funeral processions for Detective Vicki Armel and Officer Michael Garbarino.

"So what did the restaurant do in the police department's time of loss? Offer to cater the funerals? Set up a food donation schedule for the bereaved families? Nah. The Texas Roadhouse in Chantilly counted up the pennies it had lost -- a total of about $9,000, the manager computed -- and turned to the police department with a formal request for compensation."
Wait. There's more:

"...[Restaurant manager Eric] Rainwater asked the police to dismiss $5,000 in fines that the restaurant had accumulated because its alarm system had repeatedly malfunctioned, summoning police for no reason...."

Columnist Marc Fisher, the author of the above-cited article, writes,
"The dictionary provides various definitions for 'chutzpah,' such as effrontery, unbelievable gall and utter nerve. None of these words comes close to describing what happened here."
The chief executive of Texas Roadhouse, the son a retired Virginia police officer, has apologized to the police department and has disciplined the manager of the local restaurant. The requests for compensation and for dropping fines have been withdrawn. But the restaurant's reputation here may well be permanently tarnished.

Columnist Marc Fisher concludes with a biting, final paragraph, a portion of which is excerpted below:
"[The manager of Texas Roadhouse exhibited] a blindness to others that we see all too often these days, even in businesses that rise or fall on customer satisfaction....[T]hink about the people you know and how they respond when they think they have been cheated -- think of the nasty e-mails they dash off, the angry calls, the righteous demands for compensation. Is what happened here really so inconceivable, so far from the kind of behavior we've come to accept in our daily lives?"
I didn't personally know Detective Armel and Officer Garbino. But on two Saturday mornings in a row, I passed by McLean Bible Church, which hosted services for both of the fallen officers. The attendance was enormous! Yes, traffic was congested that day, with attendees from all over the state and with rubberneckers amazed and moved by the sight of police motorcycles lined up on the knoll outside the church and officers standing at attention as they paid a final tribute to their own.

Apparently, the manager of Texas Roadhouse was moved by the loss of a few thousand dollars. In my view, his selfishness symbolizes part of what's wrong with our society today. The Me-First Generation is in charge!

Armel and Garabino Trust Fund

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Muslim Temper Tantrums

Recently, the Pope offended Muslims around the world; this is the full text of the Pope's offensive remarks, and this is his apology. HERE is a musical rebuttal in response to Muslim outrage.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Great Dog Hair Dilemma

The following was posted by Cubed to The Ultimate Insult:
Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Here, in all its breathtakingly micromanagerial detail, is the solution to a very nasty problem experienced by a convert to Islam. It is offered on a sort of "ask the expert" feature of where they can go with their most pressing concerns.

We all know that Muslims don't like dogs; they pretty much don't like anything, after all. But fortunately, they have access to painfully, even excruciatingly, detailed advice on any problems they might run into.

The way I figure it, the mullahs keep Muslims really, really busy with this sort of concern; this way, they just won't have time to rock the boat by asking - hmmmm - well, more penetrating questions, such as, "You're kidding, right?"

The questioner is a Muslim convert whose family owns a pet dog (all emphases are mine).


". . . one difficultly is regarding dog hair. My family keeps the dog confined to only certain areas in the home and keeps him out all day when we are around. They are very respectful of our practices. However, the dog sheds hair almost all year round. Almost everywhere you go, you will find the dog's hair. My mother vacums the house every day to try to keep it under control. Many times I will find dog hair on my clothing and also this dog hair has definitely (with yaqin) entered the washing machine which I use when I am there.

Dog hair or any hair from an animal (that cannot be eaten) is impure when separated from the creature. I remember you mentioned checking yourself for cat hair before prayer. Can I pray with a small amount of dry dog hair on my person if it cannot be seen (with the eye) from a distance. Am I excused for all the filth of dogs that cannot be seen even with close inspection, that is invisible filth? (These questions present more difficultly then simply saliva because saliva is relatively easy to avoid and wash if the dispensation of substitution is apllied.)

My family's washing machine has been contaminated (with yaqin) with both dog saliva and wet hair. If I wash my clothes in this machine, do they then become contaminated or does the washing with detergent (according to the substitution position) make the machine pure?

Dog hair does not remain in the washing machine and I don't find it in the machine when I go to wash my clothing. However, dog hair and saliva have definitely been on my family's clothing and then they have washed it in the washing machine. No traces of saliva or hair remain. Is the washing machine pure from the ibdal position (because they are washing the clothing with soap and washing it in the machine)?


Some sensible measures you can take before Salat (in logical steps):

(1) use a different garment to pray (like the Malays like to do, changing their still clean garments into their 'sarong', etc. everytime before prayer - even in mosques - that is why we have changing rooms in most Malaysian + Indonesian mosques);

(2) use a sajjada; at this point there might not be anymore dog hair remaining but you should still try to

(3) remove as much as humanly possible any dog hair from your body and clothes (and if there are still a small amount of impurities remaining that missed your notice after this point (even if they are visible), then the remaining impurities - since it is a great difficulty to remove all of it - are excused [maf'uw]).

Remember that dog hair when it is dry, is only impure in itself (i.e., its 'ayn) and it does not make other things impure. If after checking your clothing and your body and then you proceeded to pray but then later you find a few hairs remaining on you or on your clothing or on your immediate place of prayer, then your prayer is still valid.

This is because the remaining hair is considered to be athar najasa [traces of impurity] that are difficult to remove and these athar najasa are therefore excused, in the same way as when a small amount of blood for example, if found on you, is excused. (There is tafsil in this ruling. The original fiqh ruling is in fact, dog hair, even if a little (meaning even one hair) is not excused (due to the severity of this type of impurity, the Mughallaza), but in your very unique case ['udhr nadir; or literally, rare excuse], after taking all of the above necessary and other possible precautions that humans could, if dog hair are still found (and there is no more choice or way around it because it is beyond what humans are accustomed to bear), then this is considered a Darura [necessity], and necessity excuses one from the rule to the degree demanded by necessity.

Once considered a Darura situation, there are two positions in our school. The less-than-the-standard fiqhi position is one does not need to repeat the prayer: in this Darura situation (for which one is allowed to pray even in a state of Najasa (for dog hair is not maf'uw) and the prayer is valid and one does not sin), know that you will be following the alternative position [Qawl Marjuh] (which is actually the Qawl Qadim [the Early Position] of our Imam).

The alternative to following this alternative position (namely following the Qawl Azhar) would mean that you have to [Wajib] keep on repeating that same prayer until you stop discovering dog hair during the course of your prayer. Of course, this applies only when that dog hair discovered immediately after the prayer is, with yaqin, there during the course of the whole prayer.

If there is the slightest doubt or thought that the dog hair came about (such as being blown by the wind - hubub al-rih and the like) after the prayer is finished, or there is some delay in the discovery of that hair after the taslim or that it could still be some other hair, then there is no need to follow the weak position of our school, since there is no question of the validity of the prayer in the first place and the possibility of you continuously repeating your prayer does not arise.

There is a second way out of this dilemma (for which its legal basis ['illa] is in fact, an extension of that first position, but with the added difference that you repeat the prayer at a later time), and this is the more precautionary opinion, the Ihtiyat (and it is better to follow this one, since one will not in the end follow the alternative position, and our later Imams agree on this one and also, it is the way of Ihsan).

Again, if you find yourself in this Darura situation, then you can pray even in a state of Najasa, but you must [Wajib] make up the prayer (but not because that prayer was invalid) at a later time (when you are no longer in that Darura situation, such as when you depart from your mother's house to go the mosque or some other place), whereas the prayer performed while in Darura and during that rare excuse is what is known in our school as the Salat li-Hurma al-Waqt, or the prayer, however incomplete (its pre-conditions), is nevertheless performed in deference to the Prayer Time (in case that if you were to die before the repeat or i'ada of that prayer, then you will be free from any blame for missing that prayer).

(If you do this, then you have to be aware that you are praying the Salat li-Hurma al-Waqt and intending it as such during the niyya of that prayer--just like for the prayer performed in a place where there is normally water but you have to make Tayammum or the Fard Salat on the train and the like.)

Again, if there is the slightest doubt that it is not dog hair (ask yourself please, how can you be so sure that this is dog hair: could it not be from the sajjada perhaps)? I cannot make this more clearer than to say that as a rule, if there is the slightest doubt whether the hair is pure or impure, then it must be deemed pure because of al-Aslu 'Adamu.)

Since the washing machine is - as you say, with yaqin - contaminated by the Mughallaza, then it would be better for you to do the laundry at another place (for even if the other place is also contaminated with Mughallaza but you do not know of that fact and therefore have no yaqin knowledge of it). I know this is unusual but unfortunately even if you take the takhfif of ibdal and use soap, dog hair will still be around. And since you are certain that it is dog hair that remains in the machine, then it becomes Mughallaza every time it is moist and wet. Clearly if this is the case, there is great hardship. This is a good illustration of what I have said regarding the act of judging whether there is Mughallaza or not in the first place with yaqin, is the one that is going to make a difference between whether it is going to be 'easy' or not for you.

Now an equally good illustration of our scholars going at length to uphold the rule of judging things by its al-asl (and that originally it is pure) is that their immediate and automatic response upon seeing hair in the machine is they will not consider it dog hair with yaqin since there is the possibility that it may be some other animal hair or even human hair despite however unlikely (but not impossible) this might be; the point being: the possibility of it being non-Mughallaza exists. They will try to give every excuse that it is pure in the first place as in the case of the dog and the container. However, if you have already reached the state of certainty (presumably by inferring for example that the colour of the dog's fur is brown and you find brown hair in the machine even when you do not physically see the dog's brown hair going into the machine (technically, there is still room for doubt to arise here) and there is nothing we can do to change your mind about this, is there?) that it is dog hair, then you have to treat it as such (however, if you begin to doubt yourself, then this is an indication that it is not knowledge based on yaqin but zann which is, by definition, the element that you know is more or higher than the element you do not know (while for yaqin, there is no element that you do not know) - but if no doubt comes to you, then it is Mughallaza).

Well, it is your own personal ijtihad [i.e, the judgement or decision you make] in deciding whether the hair found is dog hair. In any case, doing your laundry at another place is still the safest option.

Now, if on the other hand, dog hair does not remain in the washing machine but dog hair and dog saliva for example, have contaminated your family's clothing after which they have washed it in the washing machine using soaps and detergents (and there are no traces of dog hair in the machine - as far as you are able to tell), then if you have to follow the ibdal position, the area affected by the impurity [mahall mutanajjis] becomes pure. It follows from this that the washing machine is also pure and is not contaminated by the Mughallaza.

Anyway, I can now see the hikma of why when we were children, we have always been discouraged by our teachers from investigating a matter further into hair-splitting detail for fear of finding some sabab or cause for great hardship. As the wisdom of the Prophetic Sunna goes: yasiru wa la-tu'asiru [when it is easy don't make it harder].

May this help, and only Allah and His Messenger know the best ruling.

Your poor brother

Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti
I don't know how much of the Koran or the Hadith deal with the topic of the accursed dog hair, but I managed to find the following, from the Hadith:
Bukhari vo. IV, nos. 539: "Narrated Abu Talha: The Prophet said, "Angels do not enter a house which has either a dog or a picture in it."

Muslim vol. I, no. 551: "When the dog licks the utensil, wash it even times and rub it with dirt the eighth time."
And, come to think of it, I don't know any Muslim veterinarians.

Recently, Jason provided me with a link about the new policy on pets in Saudi Arabia. Excerpt from an article which appeared in the September 11, 2006 edition of the New York Sun:
"Saudi Arabia's religious police, tasked with chiding women to cover themselves and ensuring men attend prayers, are turning to cats and dogs. The police have issued a decree banning the sale of the pets, seen as a sign of Western influence....

"Some conservatives have decried the trend as a Western influence, like the fast food, shorts, jeans, and pop music that have become more common in the kingdom, which is ruled by the puritanical Wahhabi interpretation of Islam...."
As far as I can discern, none of the animal-rights groups have issued a comment.

Maybe I should buy a Muslim prayer-rug to use as a welcome mat. I can get my neighbors to bring by their dogs to anoint the rug with some dog hair. That type of decor on my front porch will complement the various pig-ornaments I've put on display over the past several months.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Oriana Fallaci Is Gone

Excerpt from this source, dated September 15, 2006:
ROME -- Oriana Fallaci, the Italian writer and journalist best known for her abrasive interviews and provocative stances, has died, officials said Friday. She was 76....

During her journalistic career she became known for challenging interviews with such world leaders as former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and Iran's Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

Her work - both interviews and books - was translated across the world....

Describing Europe as "Eurabia," Fallaci said the continent "has sold itself and sells itself to the enemy like a prostitute."

"Europe becomes more and more a province of Islam, a colony of Islam," she wrote.

The current invasion, Fallaci went on to say, is not carried out only by the "terrorists who blow up themselves along with skyscrapers or buses" but also by "the immigrants who settle in our home, and who, with no respect for our laws, impose their ideas, their customs, their God."...

At Jihad Watch today, Robert Spencer posted the following tribute to a fearless warrior who did battle with her words and urged the West to preserve our civilization. Mr. Spencer also offers suggestions for paying tribute:

She was one of the most fearless and courageous defenders Western civilization had in these latter days, and the West rewarded her by hounding, persecuting and vilifying her.

Such is the state of the society and culture she loved and tried to save from itself.

Many times in her last months, after she did me the honor of calling me her friend, I thought to myself, What can I do for Oriana? Of course, the only answer was to do exactly what I am doing here at this site, and in my books, and in traveling around the country speaking, trying to alert people to the reality and magnitude of the global jihad.

I invite you, then, on this day of sadness and loss, to pay tribute to Oriana. There is no way we can make up for what we have lost in her. But the best way we can pay tribute to Oriana is by becoming Oriana. Let there be a hundred new Orianas today, a thousand new passionate and articulate and absolutely unbowed defenders of Western culture and civilization, with a fine contempt for all the many weapons of physical and psychological intimidation that the jihadists and their non-Muslim allies and tools in the Western media and government establishments use to try to silence and discredit us.

Buy her books. Give them to your friends and coworkers. Explain to them why she said -- as is quoted in the obituary linked above -- that "Europe becomes more and more a province of Islam, a colony of Islam." Explain to them why that matters for so much that they hold dear. Enlist them also in the anti-jihad resistance.

And when we prevail, we will be able to memorialize her fittingly, as a light that shone in our darkest days.

May her memory be eternal.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Note To A Teacher

The homeschool classes I teach began the 2006-2007 term this week. As usual, I'll be teaching a variety of courses, for both high school and for middle school. I know that I don't always succeed as a teacher and that I'm not everyone's "cup of tea." Students are flawed; so are teachers. There are no perfect students, no perfect parents, and no perfect teachers!

This summer, I received via snail mail a thank-you letter from a student who had left my classes at the end of the previous term so as to complete his senior courses elsewhere--either at home or in a different set of classes. Like all college-bound seniors in their last year of high school, this student applied to a number of universities and as is often the case with my seniors, asked me to write some letters of recommendation. Because he was a superior student in all respects (academics, character, spirituality), writing the letters was easy, and I could end each one with "I recommend this student without reservation." His letter to me is as follows, in its entirety:
I wanted to write this note to you to express my sincere thanks to you for both the immense help you've been in this college process and the way you've prepared me for the future through your classes.

Thanks (in large part) to the letters you wrote and the forms you filled out, I received both a nomination to West Point and a full-ride scholarship to George Mason.

As I leave to go to West Point and serve our country, I just wanted to express to you my thanks for all your help (during this process) and all the hard work you put into your classes--the classes that prepared me for college.

Thanks again.

P.S. Feel free to correct my spelling, grammar, or punctuation, if you wish. I won't rewrite it, though. :)
If you know a teacher to thank, take time to do so, even if you were in that teacher's class years ago. Such letters matter, and it's never too late to send one!

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Announcing A New Blog Site

Please welcome to the blogosphere a new site called Band of Bloggers. The quotation in the site's heading reads "There Was A Time When The World Asked Ordinary Men To Do Extraordinary Things." Knowing some of the contributors there, I am certain that Band of Bloggers will be doing some extraordinary things!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

9/11 Tribute: Steven L. Glick

(This article stuck at the top through September 12, 2006. Scroll down for the lastest postings by Always On Watch)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Take a good look at this face. It is the face of Steven Lawrence Glick, who perished on 9/11 at the World Trade Center. Steve was forty-two years old.

Look into his eyes, look at his smile. Really. A good, long look.

He's gone now. He left behind friends and family, including two young children.

Now, read about Steve (emphases mine):

Steven Glick, a financial consultant who worked for Credit Suisse-First Boston, was attending a conference at 1 World Trade Center.

He was managing director of CSFBNext in New York City and previously was a partner in Greenwich Associates. He graduated from Northwestern University and earned his master of business administration degree at Harvard University.

In his spare time he enjoyed playing tennis, running, skiing and going to the movies. He and his wife, Mari, have two children.

-- The Hartford Courant

Steven Lawrence Glick, 42, a managing director at Credit Suisse First Boston, died Tuesday, Sept. 11.He died in the attack on 1 World Trade Center, where he was attending a technology conference on the 106th floor, his family said.

Mr. Glick had lived in town for the past 11 years and worked for Greenwich Associates, a local financial consulting firm, until last year.Since then, Mr. Glick had worked for Credit Suisse First Boston in Manhattan.Mr. Glick was a partner at Greenwich Associates, traveling extensively and advising international clients in England, Japan and Hong Kong on providing bond, foreign exchange and other financial services.

Mr. Glick graduated from Northwestern University in 1982 and received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1989.He is survived by his wife, Mari Glick of Greenwich; a son, Colin Glick of Greenwich; a daughter, Courtney Glick of Greenwich; his mother, Ester Glick of Philadelphia; two brothers, Gordon Glick of London and Robert Glick of New York City; and two sisters, Ellen Glick of Philadelphia and Stefanie Glick of Memphis, Tenn.

-- The Greenwich Time

Steven Glick and Robert Noonan

On a rainy morning in Greenwich, hundreds of mourners came to say good-bye and thank you to two men who disappeared in the prime of their lives.

The two men, Steven Lawrence Glick, 42, a manager for Credit Suisse-First Boston, and Robert Walter Noonan, 36, a coal and emissions account manager for TradeSpark, a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald & Co., have both been missing since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks which destroyed the World Trade Center.

At Greenwich Reform Synagogue, a crowd of more than 400 from all over the country gathered in the sanctuary. Friends and family remembered Glick, a husband and father of two, as a man devoted to others whose priorities of family, friends and hard work seemed like a beacon to those who knew him. While acknowledging their profound loss, they talked about Glick's relentless optimism, kindness and drive as an ongoing example of a life well-lived.

"Steven has been living in heaven all along," Rabbi Robert Lennick, the family's rabbi, said.

With their two children, Colin, 6, and Courtney, 4, his wife Mari Glick spoke about the fun-loving college student she met on a blind date 20 years ago, who "shared her dreams and hopes." The couple settled in Greenwich 11 years ago.

"He cared dearly for those he worked with, members of the community and, above all, his family," she said. "His favorite times were with Colin and Courtney. He loved our friends and often said he considered them our family. Today I think he is right."

Stephen Harburg, a lifelong friend of Glick's, recalled his high spiritedness, talking about a New Year's Eve "battle" Glick started in Manhattan's ritzy Russian Tea Room restaurant with silly string ² a confetti-like aerosol spray.

"Steve Glick is my friend," said Harburg, a childhood friend and classmate at Germantown Academy. "I use the word Ôis' as a reminder that those qualities that endeared us to Steve cannot be crushed by concrete and steel. They endure because we will remember."

A passage written by Gordon Glick was read, focusing on his brother's good-natured humor. Glick's son Colin stayed at the podium, shuffling papers."The word I will always use to describe Steven is fun," read Jeff Abram, a cousin. "No matter what trouble he faced, he always tried to enjoy life and would come out of it with a smile."

Accompanied by an organist, Cantor Vicki Axe sang "Listen," a song encouraging people to seek the voice of God when they are heartbroken or facing trouble.

"If you're lost and feel afraid, and don't know what to say, listen, listen, to our God," she sang. "If there is a question in your mind, and the answer is hard to find, listen, listen, to our God."

The ceremony ended with a mourning prayer, "Eil Maleh," followed by the singing of "America the Beautiful."
Read what his son Colin Stuart wrote in 2004:
Steve was my dad. to me he was the best person in the world. he was optomistic and very funny. if you are reading this page know that steve glick was a nice person an nice dad and a nice husband.
Iain Bruce, who personally knew Steve, sent me an email so that I would add the following to this tribue:
Steve was part of how I met my wife, and he was part of how my wife and I met some of our best friends.

I first met Steve in Bay Head New Jersey in July of 1987. He and his wife Mari shared a summer beach house with friends, and I spent one weekend at that house as the guest of mutual friends. For the next two years, I joined that group of people in their summer share. It was Steve and Mari who organised that first beach house, and the woman who is now my wife was one of the group, so Steve is part of the reason that I met my wife Linda, and he is thus part of the reason that I am as happy as I am in my life today. And to this day we remain in touch with others who shared in those beach houses, despite the fact that we are now scattered in half a dozen states around the four corners of the country.

As newlyweds in 1989, my wiife and I moved to Westport Connecticut, and that Halloween we attended a party at Steve and Mari's house in Greenwich. Like everyone, we brought our carved pumpkin, for the much-touted pumpkin carving contest. We were runner-up in the "most pathetic" category, typical of Steve's sense of humour. What's worse, to win "most pathetic" or to not even be able to win it, but to come second? At that party, we met another couple who, it turned out, lived only a short distance from us, and who have since become dear friends, and whose children are very close to our children.

Steve was a vibrant, enthusiastic liver of his life. He had high energy and an infectious laugh, and everything he did, he did with verve and joie de vivre. He deserves a tribute. Thank you.

Iain Bruce
Westport, CT
Thank you, Mr. Bruce, for providing such a personal touch to this tribute!

Click HERE to add a flower of tribute to the page for Steve Glick. In addition, please observe a moment of silence for this man.

Today, I remember Steven Lawrence Glick, my fellow American. Though he and I never met, I know his face and his smile. I will never forget.

[For a list of other blogs participating in this 9/11 tribute by 2,996 bloggers, CLICK HERE and read more tributes. Also, over at Northern Virginiastan, see my tribute to Edna L. Stevens, who perished at the Pentagon on 9/11]

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Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Tribute Planned

(This information stuck at the top for the summer. Scroll down for the latest postings by Always on Watch)

I found the following at GM Roper's blog and am shamelessly copying the information here:
"'September 11, 2006 will mark the 5-year anniversary of the attacks that killed 2,996 innocent people on American soil....

"'A few months ago I started wondering what, if anything, I would write in my blog that day. A remembrance? A tribute? Anything I came up with seemed shallow, cliché, not enough.

"'I’d like 2,995 blogging volunteers to help me with a tribute to the victims of 9/11. If you’d like to participate, you’ll be assigned the name of someone who was murdered on September 11, 2001. Then on September 11, 2006 you’ll post your own tribute to that person. It can be anything you want it to be: a photo tribute, an essay, a remembrance, a poem…it’s up to you. Then link back to a page I will create which will give the names of all 2,996 victims and links to the blogs that will remember them that day.

"'But, and this is critical, I don’t want any of us to remember the murderers. Do not refer to the terrorists. Or their organization. Or their goals. Let them fade into nothing. Let them be forgotten. Remember those worth remembering.'"
Here is how to sign up:
"If you want to participate, signups are being accepted through comments on either of two blogs: D.C. Roe or 2996. You can also sign up by email to dcroe05-at-yahoo-dot-com. D.C. is making the assignments; although, if you have a name you'd really like to honor, it probably wouldn't hurt to request it. A list of names and participants assigned so far is available here."
I'm going to participate and have requested my assignment.

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Addition To Right Sidebar

(As part of this site's tribute to the victims of 9/11, this posting to remain toward the top. Scroll down for the lastest postings by Always On Watch)

If you click on the similar graphic on the right sidebar, you can learn how to add this to your own web site. Alternatively, you can go to this site for the information.

This easy-to-add script is an effective way for your blog to pay tribute to the victims of 9/11. A different name of one of those who perished on 9/11 will appear each time your site loads.

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C-Span Interview of Robert Spencer

On August 20, 2006, Brian Lamb conducted a lengthy interview of Robert Spencer. The emphasis of the interview is the documentary film Islam: What the West Needs to Know. My review of the movie is HERE. The C-Span broadcast contains clips from the film.

Click HERE to watch the interview with Robert Spencer.

A transcript of the interview is HERE.

[Hat-tip to Mike's America for letting me know about the C-Span interview]

Addendum: According to commenter Eyes All Around, CAIR is expressing disapproval to C-Span for airing the interview with Robert Spencer. You can express your support of C-Span's interviewing Robert Spencer by contacting C-Span at this email address:

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Off To The Beach!

In a short while, classes will be resuming. Therefore, it is time for MY vacation. My husband and I are heading for the beach tonight or tomorrow.

While I'm away, I don't plan to spend any time on the Internet. After all, this is a vacation!

Just before we roll out in our Mustang convertible, Blogger willing, I will turn on comment moderation, merely as a precaution. Comments will be posted when they get approved--whenever that may be.

While I'm away, if you have nothing better to do, you might enjoy taking these personality tests, which I learned of over at Brooke's site. I'm not sure how valid the tests are, but taking them is somewhat enjoyable. My own results are questionable.

I took the one on similar leaders and got the following result:

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